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Baines Media is a copy writing, PR and consultancy company, predominantly within the motor sport and automotive industries. In addition to this we have a world-renowned reputation for researching and establishing provenance to many of the most valuable and historically important cars in the world.


“We remember with tremendous gratitude all the hard work you did to make our Centenary Press Kit the huge success it has been. Praise has been heaped upon it by media all over the world.”

Graham Biggs, Head of Corporate Communication, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

“I really enjoy your writing style, and wanted to make a point of saying that I like your work and hope to do a lot more with you in the future.”

Mike Fairburn, Director, R.M. Auctions

“David has been researching and writing the histories for our cars, as well as doing PR, for many years. He has worked in and around motor sport all his life there isn’t much that he doesn’t know about racing or the cars.”

Paul Osborn, Cars International Kensington

“I went to buy some memorabilia. The car was bought on impulse, largely because of the history which you wrote.”

Chris Evans, Radio 2 D.J. Having paid a record $10,894,300 for the ex-James Coburn Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder. (May 2008.)

“I was surprised at the amount we had to pay, but then again, when I reflected on it I thought a lot of people underestimated the Coburn thing and the beauty of the car.

Coburn and Steve McQueen were great friends, they were a couple of rowdies; they drank, they smoked. They were like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, it was Coburn and McQueen, you know. Now the car is more famous than any car. That side of it is pretty cool.
Someone came up afterwards and offered us another million for it, but Chris said no.”

John Collins, Chris Evans advisor, on the provenance placed on the car by Baines Media

“We have a new world record holder for the highest-priced classic car at auction, and once again it’s a Ferrari. Taking over the mantle from Chris Evans’ Ferrari 250 GT California is the much-touted Testa Rossa sold in Maranello for $12,302,500.”

Octane Magazine

“David not only came up with our company name and those of our products, but continues to generate tremendous publicity for us on a national basis. The brand that he created continues to grow from strength to strength.”

Richard Field, Managing Director, Silverstone Brewing Company

“…I have reviewed innumerable books and many of the rooms in my house are crammed with them. But none has taken my breath away so much as this incredible achievement…”

Bill Boddy, Founding Editor, Motorsport Magazine


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